All MonteWhenever and wherever you may happen upon Al Monte, it is the music that will cause you to stop and listen. There is a part of every song that finds its place inside of us. He is a very talented guitar player and songwriter. The folk influences are there, as are rock, blues, gospel, jazz and even Broadway. It is more than just the melding of all of these that comes through. What's behind his style of music is the life experiences.

He was born in Massachusetts and spent time in the Marine Corp, US Army and Florida National Guard. After leaving the service, he and his family settled in Florida. The passion for creating and writing is obvious, and you can expect to hear everything from jazzy love songs to comedy. Whether it is children or the elderly or in between, he can play songs that relate. Al is a member of the Atlantic Beach Songwriters and can play solo or in a group.

You can find his original music on I-Tunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Youtube or Reverbnation. He is a firm believer that music is one of the keys to life.  One of his song titles says it best:  "Changing the World One Song At A Time"

Al is also a songwriter with, and The Atlantic Beach Songwriters, Atlantic Beach, Florida. You may also check the calendar on this site for scheduled dates. In addition, you can follow Al on Facebook if you click on the icon in the lower right corner.    

Company's Coming: Al routinely works with other very talented musicians in the area to add other instrumentation. Company's Coming is the name of the group when working with other musicians. You can check out the other talented musicians Al works with on this site.